Geochemistry of continental slope and deep sea basin sediments off Uruguay, supplement to: Haese, Ralf R; Schramm, J; Rutgers van der Loeff, Michiel M; Schulz, Horst D (2000): A comparative study of iron and manganese diagenesis in continental slope and deep sea basin sediments off Uruguay (SW Atlantic). International Journal of Earth Sciences (Geologische Rundschau), 88(4), 619 - 629

Ralf R Haese, J Schramm, Michiel M Rutgers van der Loeff & Horst D Schulz
Pore water and solid phase from surface sediments of the continental slope off Uruguay and from the Argentine Basin (southwestern Atlantic) were investigated geochemically to ascribe characteristic early diagenetic reactions of iron and manganese. Solid-phase iron speciation was determined by extractions as well as by Mössbauer spectroscopy. Both methods showed good agreement (<6% deviation) for total-Fe speciation. The proportion of easy reducible iron oxyhydroxide relative to total-Fe oxides decreased from the continental slope to the...
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