Sr, Nd and Pb isotopic ratios of igneous rocks from DSDP holes (Table 1), supplement to: Hickey-Vargas, Rosemary (1991): Isotope characteristics of submarine lavas from the Philippine Sea: implications for the origin of arc and basin magmas of the Philippine tectonic plate. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 107(2), 290-304

Rosemary Hickey-Vargas
Igneous rocks from the Philippine tectonic plate recovered on Deep Sea Drilling Project Legs 31, 58 and 59 have been analyzed for Sr, Nd and Pb isotope ratios. Samples include rocks from the West Philippine Basin, Daito Basin and Benham Rise (40-60 m.y.), the Palau-Kyushu Ridge (29-44 m.y.) and the Parece Vela and Shikoku basins (17-30 m.y.). Samples from the West Philippine, Parece Vela and Shikoku basins are MORB (mid-ocean ridge basalt)-like with 87Sr/86Sr =...
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