Strontium isotope ratios of planktonic foraminifera from late Neogene sediment samples, supplement to: Hodell, David A; Mueller, Paul A; McKenzie, Judith A; Mead, Gregory (1989): Strontium isotope stratigraphy and geochemistry of the late Neogene ocean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 92(2), 165-178

David A Hodell, Paul A Mueller, Judith A McKenzie & Gregory Mead
A curve describing the variation of the strontium isotopic composition of seawater for the late Neogene (9 to 2 Ma) was constructed from 87Sr/86Sr analyses of marine carbonate in five Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) sites: 502, 519, 588, 590, and 593. The strontium isotopic composition of the oceans increased between 9 and 2 Ma with several changes in slope. From 9 to 5.5 Ma, 87Sr/86Sr values were nearly constant at ~0.708925. Between 5.5 and...
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