Fluorine and chlorine concentrations and Cl isotope ratios of serpentines of ODP Site 195-1200, supplement to: Wei, Chih-Lin; Kastner, Miriam; Spivack, Arthur J (2008): Chlorine stable isotopes and halogen concentrations in convergent margins with implications for the Cl isotopes cycle in the ocean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 266(1-2), 90-104

Chih-Lin Wei, Miriam Kastner & Arthur J Spivack
Chlorine stable isotopes (delta37Cl) and halogen concentrations (e.g. Br/Cl) in 168 pore Fluids and 23 serpentines and other solids from three subduction zones, the Nankai Trough, Costa Rica, and Mariana Forearc, provide critical information on fluid sources, flow paths, and reaction conditions. The delta37Cl values of pore fluids at the Nankai and Costa Rica subduction zones, are significantly more negative (minimum -7.8‰, 2 sigma +/- 0.3‰) than seawater value (0‰). At Nankai Trough, the minimum...
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