Pollen analysis of late Pleistocene and Holocene sediments from the Adriatic sea, supplement to: Grüger, Eberhard (1975): Pollenanalyse spätpleistozäner und holozäner Sedimente aus der Adria. Geologisches Jahrbuch A, 29, 3-32

Eberhard Grüger
Pollen analysis of two cores from the bottom of the Adriatic sea (Adr. 309, -929 m, 41°49.1' N, 17°11.4' E and Adr. 353, -1207 m, 42°07.2' N, 17°38.0' E) has shown that a period with high Pinus and Artemisia values and an intermediate one with much Pinus, but little or almost no Artemisia pollen was followed by a period with a dominance of thermophilous deciduous trees, among them mediterrenean species. These changes of the pollen...
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