Strontium isotope data from DSDP Sites 32-305 and 62-463 and ODP Sites 113-689 and 113-690, supplement to: Barrera, Enriqueta C; Savin, Samuel M; Thomas, Ellen; Jones, Charles E (1997): Evidence for thermohaline-circulation reversals controlled by sea-level change in the latest Cretaceous. Geology, 25(8), 715-718

Enriqueta C Barrera, Samuel M Savin, Ellen Thomas & Charles E Jones
Fluctuations in oxygen (d18O) and carbon (d13C) isotope values of benthic foraminiferal calcite from the tropical Pacific and Southern Oceans indicate rapid reversals in the dominant mode and direction of the thermohaline circulation during a 1 m.y. interval (71-70 Ma) in the Maastrichtian. At the onset of this change, benthic foraminiferal d18O values increased and were highest in low-latitude Pacific Ocean waters, whereas benthic and planktic foraminiferal d13C values decreased and benthic values were lowest...
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