Abundance of planktic foraminiferal species in sediments at DSDP Sites 10-95, 77-536, and 77-540, supplement to: Keller, Gerta; MacLeod, Norman D; Lyons, J B; Officer, C B (1993): Is there evidence for Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary-age deep-water deposits in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico? Geology, 21(9), 776-780

Gerta Keller, Norman D MacLeod, J B Lyons & C B Officer
Over most of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean a hiatus is present between the lower upper Maastrichtian and lowermost Tertiary deposits; sedimentation resumed ~200 ka (upper zone Pla) after the K-T boundary. Current-bedded volcaniclastic sedimentary rocks at Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) Sites 536 and 540, which were previously interpreted as impact-generated megawave deposits of K-T boundary age, are biostratigraphically of pre-K-T boundary age and probably represent turbidite or gravity-How deposits. The top 10...
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