Beryllium concentrations and deposition rates in ODP holes from the north Atlantic, supplement to: Knudsen, Mads Faurschou; Henderson, Gideon M; Frank, Martin; Niocaill, Conall M; Kubik, Peter W (2008): In-phase anomalies in Beryllium-10 production and palaeomagnetic field behaviour during the Iceland Basin geomagnetic excursion. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 265(3-4), 588-599

Mads Faurschou Knudsen, Gideon M Henderson, Martin Frank, Conall M Niocaill & Peter W Kubik
Increases in the production rate of cosmogenic radionuclides associated with geomagnetic excursions have been used as global tie-points for correlation between records of past climate from marine and terrestrial archives. We have investigated the relative timing of variations in 10Be production rate and the corresponding palaeomagnetic signal during one of the largest Pleistocene excursions, the Iceland Basin (IB) event (ca. 190 kyr), as recorded in two marine sediment cores (ODP Sites 1063 and 983) with...
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