Ostracode species census data for DSDP Leg 94 sites, supplement to: Cronin, Thomas M; Raymo, Maureen E; Kyle, K P (1996): Pliocene (3.2-2.4 Ma) ostracode faunal cycles and deep ocean circulation, North Atlantic Ocean. Geology, Aug 1996; 24:, 24, 695-698

Thomas M Cronin, Maureen E Raymo & K P Kyle
Ostracode assemblages from Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 607 (western Mid-Atlantic Ridge) and 610 (southeast Rockall Plateau) show rapid, systematic shifts during late Pliocene glacial-interglacial cycles that reflect deep-sea environmental change. Progressive decreases in North Atlantic deep-water taxa and increases in Southern Ocean taxa occur from 3.4 to 2.4 Ma, and high-amplitude faunal cycles begin near 2.8 Ma. Four ostracode assemblages, each with a characteristic phase relative to 41 k.y. obliquity glacial-interglacial d18O cycles, characterize...
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