High resolution color reflectance and hematite and goethite record of ODP Hole 184-1143A in the South China Sea, supplement to: Zhang, Yi Ge; Ji, Jungfeng; Liu, Lianwen; Chen, Jun (2007): High resolution hematite and goethite records from ODP 1143, South China Sea: Co-evolution of monsoonal precipitation and El Niño over the past 600,000 years. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 264(1-2), 136-150

Yi Ge Zhang, Jungfeng Ji, William L Balsam, Lianwen Liu & Jun Chen
Precipitation has a larger variability than temperature in tropical monsoon regions, thus it is an important climate variable. However, reconstructions of long-term rainfall histories are scarce because of the lack of reliable proxies. Here we document that iron oxide minerals, specifically the ratio of hematite to goethite (Hm/Gt), is a reasonable precipitation proxy. Using diffuse reflectance spectrophotometry, we measured samples from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) 1143 drilling site (9°21.72'N, 113°17.11'E, 2777 m water depth) for...
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