Isotope oxygen record for ODP sediments from the Exmouth Plateau, supplement to: Clarke, Leon J; Jenkyns, Hugh C (1999): New oxygen isotope evidence for long-term Cretaceous climatic change in the Southern Hemisphere. Geology, 27(8), 699-702

Leon J Clarke & Hugh C Jenkyns
A new composite d18O record, generated from calcareous fine-fraction and bulk sediments from the Exmouth Plateau, details long-term Cretaceous climatic change at mid-latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere. Assessment of new and previously published d18O data indicates that a mid-Cretaceous global climatic optimum was achieved sometime between the time of the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary and the middle Turonian, when surface-ocean paleotemperatures were the highest of the past 115 m.y. Periods of cooling and warming that reversed the...
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