Age determination of sediment cores from the southern South Atlantic, supplement to: Bianchi, Cristina; Gersonde, Rainer (2004): Climate evolution at the last deglacial: the role of the Southern Ocean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 228(3-4), 407-424

Cristina Bianchi & Rainer Gersonde
Two sediment sequences recovered close to, and south of, the present Polar Front (50°, 53°S) in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean were analysed in order to evaluate the environmental evolution of the Southern Ocean surface over the last deglaciation and the Holocene. Our reconstruction is based on radiocarbon-dated records of diatom-based sea surface temperature and sea-ice proxies and planktic foraminiferal stable isotopes. The onset of the deglacial warming and gradual southward retreat of...
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