Benthic foraminiferal assemblages in ODP Hole 167-1017E, supplement to: Cannariato, Kevin G; Kennett, James P (1999): Climatically related millennial-scale fluctuations in strength of California margin oxygen-minimum zone during the past 60 k.y. Geology, 27(11), 975-978

Kevin G Cannariato & James P Kennett
A strong oxygen-minimum zone (OMZ) currently exists along the California margin because of a combination of high surface-water productivity and poor intermediate-water ventilation. However, the strength of this OMZ may have been sensitive to late Quaternary ocean-circulation and productivity changes along the margin. Although sediment-lamination strength has been used to trace ocean-oxygenation changes in the past, oxygen levels on the open margin are not sufficiently low for laminations to form. In these regions, benthic foraminifera...
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