Helium and neon isotopes in oceanic crust of ODP Hole 118-735B, supplement to: Moreira, Manuel; Blusztajn, Jerzy S; Curtice, Joshua; Hart, Stanley R; Dick, Henry J B; Kurz, Mark D (2003): He and Ne isotopes in oceanic crust: implications for noble gas recycling in the mantle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 216(4), 635-643

Manuel Moreira, Jerzy S Blusztajn, Joshua Curtice, Stanley R Hart, Henry J B Dick & Mark D Kurz
In an attempt to determine the helium and neon isotopic composition of the lower oceanic crust, we report new noble gas measurements on 11 million year old gabbros from Ocean Drilling Program site 735B in the Indian Ocean. The nine whole rock samples analyzed came from 20 to 500 m depth below the seafloor. Helium contents vary from 3.3*10**-10 to 2.5*10**-7 ccSTP/g by crushing and from 5.4*10**-8 to 2.4*10**-7 ccSTP/g by melting. 3He/4He ratios vary...
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