Carbon and oxygen isotope data for carbonates and benthic foraminifers from ODP Hole 113-689B, supplement to: Vonhof, Hubert B; Smit, Jan; Brinkhuis, Henk; Montanari, Alessandro; Nederbragt, Alexandra J (2000): Global cooling accelerated by early late Eocene impacts? Geology, 28(8), 687-690

Hubert B Vonhof, Jan Smit, Henk Brinkhuis, Alessandro Montanari & Alexandra J Nederbragt
At Ocean Drilling Program Site 689 (Maud Rise, Southern Ocean), d18O records of fine-fraction bulk carbonate and benthic foraminifers indicate that accelerated climate cooling took place following at least two closely spaced early late Eocene extraterrestrial impact events. A simultaneous surface-water productivity increase, as interpreted from d13C data, is explained by enhanced water-column mixing due to increased latitudinal temperature gradients. These isotope data appear to be in concert with organic-walled dinoflagellate-cyst records across the same...
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