Oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios of pore waters from ODP sites in the Mediterranean Sea, supplement to: Dählmann, Anke; de Lange, Gert Jan (2003): Fluid-sediment interactions at Eastern Mediterranean mud volcanoes: a stable isotope study from ODP Leg 160. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 212(3-4), 377-391

Anke Dählmann & Gert Jan de Lange
Pore fluids from two ODP sites at Eastern Mediterranean mud volcanoes have been analyzed for their Cl concentration and their delta18O and deltaD isotopic composition. The Cl data span a wide range of concentrations, from extremely depleted with respect to seawater (as low as 60 mM) at the crest of Milano dome (site 970) to strongly enriched (up to 5.4 M) at Napoli dome (site 971). Chloride enrichment is known to be due to dissolving...
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