Foraminiferal oxygen and carbon isotope data for DSDP Sites 32-305 and 62-463 and ODP Sites 171-1049 and 171-1050, supplement to: Huber, Brian T; Norris, Richard D; MacLeod, Kenneth G (2002): Deep-sea paleotemperature record of extreme warmth during the Cretaceous. Geology, 30(2), 123-126

Brian T Huber, Richard D Norris & Kenneth G MacLeod
Oxygen isotope analyses of well-preserved foraminifera from Blake Nose (30°N paleolatitude, North Atlantic) and globally distributed deep-sea sites provide a long-term paleotemperature record for the late Albian-Maastrichtian interval that is difficult to reconcile with the existence of significant Cretaceous ice sheets. Given reasonable assumptions about the isotopic composition of Cretaceous seawater, our results suggest that middle bathyal water temperatures at Blake Nose increased from ~12°C in the late Albian through middle Cenomanian to a maximum...
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