Geochemical and Nd isotopic investigations of sediments from the South China Sea, supplement to: Li, Xian-hua; Wei, Gangjian; Shao, Lei; Liu, Ying; Liang, Xirong; Jian, Zhimin; Sun, Min; Wang, Pinxian (2003): Geochemical and Nd isotopic variations in sediments of the South China Sea: a response to Cenozoic tectonism in SE Asia. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 211(3-4), 207-220

Xian-hua Li, Gangjian Wei, Lei Shao, Ying Liu, Xirong Liang, Zhimin Jian, Min Sun & Pinxian Wang
Secular variations in geochemistry and Nd isotopic data have been documented in sediment samples at ODP Site 1148 in the South China Sea. Major and trace elements show significant changes at ca. 29.5 Ma and 26-23 Ma, whereas epsilon-Nd values show a single change at ca. 26-23 Ma. Increases in Al/Ti, Al/K, Rb/Sr, and La/Lu ratios and a decrease in the Th/La ratio of the sediments beginning at 29.5 Ma are consistent with more intense...
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