Chemical composition of ODP Leg 138 sediments, supplement to: Plank, Terry; Balzer, Vaughn; Carr, Michael J (2002): Nicaraguan volcanoes record paleoceanographic changes accompanying closure of the Panama gateway. Geology, 30, 1087-1090

Terry Plank, Vaughn Balzer & Michael J Carr
A major oceanographic event preserved in the Cocos plate sedimentary column survived subduction and is recorded in the changing composition of Nicaraguan magmas. A uranium increase in these magmas since the latest Miocene (after 7 Ma) resulted from the 'carbonate crash' at 10 Ma and the ensuing high organic carbon burial in the sediments. The response of the arc to this paleoceanographic event requires near steady-state sediment recycling at this margin since 20 Ma. This...
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