Silicic tephras in ODP Legs 151, 152, and 162, supplement to: Lacasse, Christian; van den Bogaard, Paul (2002): Enhanced airborne dispersal of silicic tephras during the onset of Northern Hemisphere glaciations, from 6 to 0 Ma records of explosive volcanism and climate change in the subpolar North Atlantic. Geology, 30(7), 623-626

Christian Lacasse & Paul van den Bogaard
A 6-m.y.-long composite marine record of explosive silicic volcanism from five Ocean Drilling Program sites in the subpolar North Atlantic was compared with several marine records of global and local paleoclimate proxies (benthic d18O and ice-rafted debris records). Coarsening and high frequency of occurrence of Icelandic tephras were recorded in 3.6-3 Ma sediments, suggesting that these tephras were dispersed farther from the source by enhanced westerly winds over the subpolar North Atlantic. The 40Ar/39Ar ages...
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