Mineral, chemical and isotopic analyses of the oceanic crust of ODP Hole 148-896A, supplement to: Teagle, Damon A H; Alt, Jeffrey C; Bach, Wolfgang; Halliday, Alex N; Erzinger, Jörg (1996): Alteration of upper ocean crust in a ridge-flank hydrothermal upflow zone: mineral, chemical, and isotopic constraints from Hole 896A. In: Alt, J.C., Kinoshita, H., Stokking, L.B., and Michael, P.J. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 148, 119-150

Damon A H Teagle, Jeffrey C Alt, Wolfgang Bach, Alex N Halliday & Jörg Erzinger
Hole 896A penetrates into the upper volcanic section of a ridge-flank hydrothermal upflow zone. Analyses of the secondary mineralogy and chemistry, whole-rock geochemistry, and oxygen, carbon, and strontium isotope ratios of whole rocks and secondary minerals were conducted to constrain the chemical and thermal evolution of hydrothermal alteration and its effects on the upper crust at Site 896.Celadonite +/- Fe-oxyhydroxides are the earliest secondary minerals and formed at low temperatures. The crust was open to...
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