Carbon and oxygen isotopic compositions of Cibicidoides spp. and fine fraction separates (<10 µm) from ODP Holes 113-689B, 119-738B, and 120-748B, supplement to: Bohaty, Steven M; Zachos, James C (2003): Significant Southern Ocean warming event in the late middle Eocene. Geology, 31(11), 1017-1020

Steven M Bohaty & James C Zachos
A prominent middle Eocene warming event is identified in Southern Ocean deep-sea cores, indicating that long-term cooling through the middle and late Eocene was not monotonic. At sites on Maud Rise and the Kerguelen Plateau, a distinct negative shift in d18O values (~1.0 per mil) is observed ca. 41.5 Ma. This excursion is interpreted as primarily a temperature signal, with a transient warming of 4°C over 600 k.y. affecting both surface and middle-bathyal deep waters...
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