(Table 1) 87Sr/86Sr ratios and ages of DSDP Site 144A samples, supplement to: Wilson, Paul A; Norris, Richard D; Cooper, Matthew J (2002): Warming the fuel for the fire: Evidence for the thermal dissociation of methane hydrate during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum. Geology, 30(7), 1067-1070

Paul A Wilson, Richard D Norris & Matthew J Cooper
Glassy Turonian foraminifera preserved in clay-rich sediments from the western tropical Atlantic yield the warmest equivalent d18O sea-surface temperatures (SSTs) yet reported for the entire Cretaceous-Cenozoic. We estimate Turonian SSTs that were at least as warm as (conservative mean ~30 °C) to significantly warmer (warm mean ~33 °C) than those in the region today. However, if independent evidence for high middle Cretaceous pCO2 is reliable and resulted in greater isotopic fractionation between seawater and calcite...
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