10Be data for sediments from DSDP Leg 56 and ODP Leg 170, supplement to: Morris, Julie; Valentine, R; Harrison, T (2002): 10Be imaging of sediment accretion and subduction along the northeast Japan and Costa Rica convergent margins. Geology, 30(1), 59-62

Julie Morris, R Valentine & T Harrison
Sediment accretion and subduction at convergent margins play an important role in the nature of hazardous interplate seismicity (the seismogenic zone) and the subduction recycling of volatiles and continentally derived materials to the Earth's mantle. Identifying and quantifying sediment accretion, essential for a complete mass balance across the margin, can be difficult. Seismic images do not define the processes by which a prism was built, and cored sediments may show disturbed magnetostratigraphy and sparse biostratigraphy....
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