Paleomagnetic of basalts from ODP Site 145-883 on Detroit Seamount, supplement to: Sager, William W (2002): Basalt core paleomagnetic data from Ocean Drilling Program Site 883 on Detroit Seamount, northern Emperor Seamount chain, and implications for the paleolatitude of the Hawaiian hotspot. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 199(3-4), 347-358

William W Sager
Paleomagnetic data were measured from basaltic flows cored by the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) at Site 883 on the summit of Detroit Seamount, located in the northernmost Emperor seamounts. These data are important because they reflect the paleolatitude of Hawaiian volcanism for the Late Cretaceous and bear upon geodynamic models of hotspot drift. A total of 143 samples were measured, from cores acquired at two ~20-30 m apart. Most samples gave apparently reliable magnetic directions...
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