(Appendix table DR1) Foraminiferal distribution data for ODP Hole 178-1098B, supplement to: Ishman, Scott E; Sperling, Michael R (2002): Benthic foraminiferal record of Holocene deep-water evolution in the Palmer Deep, western Antarctic Peninsula. Geology, 30(5), 435-438

Scott E Ishman & Michael R Sperling
Benthic foraminiferal data from Ocean Drilling Program Site 1098 indicate significant changes in deep-water conditions of the Palmer Deep, western Antarctic Peninsula margin, throughout the Holocene (13 ka to present). The earliest Holocene represents a period of transition from the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). Cold bottom waters, similar to saline shelf water (SSW), dominated the middle Holocene. The late Holocene in the Palmer Deep has been characterized by alternating dominance of circumpolar deep water (CDW)...
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