Oxygen and carbon isotope data for benthic foraminifera from DSDP Site 94-608 and ODP Site 208-1264, supplement to: Smart, Christopher W; Thomas, Ellen (2006): The enigma of early Miocene biserial planktic foraminifera. Geology, 34(12), 1041-1044

Christopher W Smart & Ellen Thomas
Small biserial foraminifera were abundant in the early Miocene (ca. 18.9-17.2 Ma) in the eastern Atlantic and western Indian Oceans, but absent in the western equatorial Atlantic Ocean, Weddell Sea, eastern Indian Ocean, and equatorial Pacific Ocean. They have been assigned to the benthic genus Bolivina, but their high abundances in sediments without evidence for dysoxia could not be explained. Apertural morphology, accumulation rates, and isotopic composition show that they were planktic (genus Streptochilus). Living...
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