(Table DR1) Argon isotope data and dating for individual >63 µm amphibole grains from Labrador Sea sediments, ODP Hole 105-647A, supplement to: Reynolds, Ben C; Sherlock, Sarah C; Kelley, Simon P; Burton, Kevin W (2004): Radiogenic isotope records of Quaternary glaciations: Changes in the erosional source and weathering processes. Geology, 32(10), 861-864

Ben C Reynolds, Sarah C Sherlock, Simon P Kelley & Kevin W Burton
Variations of global and regional silicate weathering rates and paleo-ocean circulation patterns are estimated by using radiogenic isotope records, but the effects of changes in provenance are generally ignored. Here sediment provenance has been constrained through the use of Ar-Ar ages for individual detrital minerals from the Labrador Sea, which can be compared directly to the radiogenic isotope compositions from the same core material. Dramatic changes in the radiogenic isotope composition of North Atlantic Deep...
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