Chemistry of abyssal and Horman peridotites, supplement to: Rehkämper, Mark; Halliday, Alex N; Alt, Jeffrey C; Fitton, J Godfrey; Zipfel, J; Takazawa, Eiichi (1999): Non-chondritic platinum-group element ratios in oceanic mantle lithosphere: petrogenetic signature of melt percolation? Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 172(1-2), 65-81

Mark Rehkämper, Alex N Halliday, Jeffrey C Alt, J Godfrey Fitton, J Zipfel & Eiichi Takazawa
The concentrations of the platinum-group elements (PGE) Ir, Ru, Pt and Pd were determined in 11 abyssal peridotites from ODP Sites 895 and 920, as well in six ultramafic rocks from the Horoman peridotite body, Japan, which is generally thought to represent former asthenospheric mantle. Individual oceanic peridotites from ODP drill cores are characterized by variable absolute and relative PGE abundances, but the average PGE concentrations of both ODP suites are very similar. This indicates...
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