Sulfur concentrations and isotopic composition of serpentinized oceanic peridotites, supplement to: Alt, Jeffrey C; Shanks, Wayne C (1998): Sulfur in serpentinized oeanic peridotites: Serpentinization processes and microbial sulfate reduction. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 103(B5), 9917-9929

Jeffrey C Alt & Wayne C Shanks
The mineralogy, contents, and isotopic compositions of sulfur in oceanic serpentinites reflect variations in temperatures and fluid fluxes. Serpentinization of <1 Ma peridotites at Hess Deep occurred at high temperatures (200°-400°C) and low water/rock ratios. Oxidation of ferrous iron to magnetite maintained low ƒO2 and produced a reduced, low-sulfur assemblage including NiFe alloy. Small amounts of sulfate reduction by thermophilic microbes occurred as the system cooled, producing low-delta34S sulfide (1.5‰ to -23.7‰). In contrast, serpentinization...
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