Nd isotope data for planktonic foraminifera from within and around sapropels S1 and S5 from ODP Site 160-967, supplement to: Scrivner, Adam E; Vance, Derek; Rohling, Eelco J (2004): New neodymium isotope data quantify Nile involvement in Mediterranean anoxic episodes. Geology, 32(7), 565-568

Adam E Scrivner, Derek Vance & Eelco J Rohling
The development of widespread anoxic conditions in the deep oceans is evidenced by the accumulation and preservation of organic-carbon-rich sediments, but its precise cause remains controversial. The two most popular hypotheses involve (1) circulation-induced increased stratification resulting in reduced oxygenation of deep waters or (2) enhanced productivity in the surface ocean, increasing the raining down of organic matter and overwhelming the oxic remineralization potential of the deep ocean. In the periodic development of deep-water anoxia...
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