Geochemistry and radiogenic isotope ratios of the volcanic sequences from Izu-Bonin Arc, Japan, supplement to: Taylor, Rex T; Nesbitt, Robert W (1998): Isotopic characteristics of subduction fluids in an intra-oceanic setting, Izu–Bonin Arc, Japan. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 164(1-2), 79-98

Rex T Taylor & Robert W Nesbitt
New radiogenic isotope and trace element data are presented for the volcanic sequences along 600 km of the active Izu-Bonin arc, the Oligocene Izu arc, and their associated rift basins. As with many intra-oceanic island arcs, the Pliocene-Recent Izu-Bonin frontal-arc lavas are highly depleted in Zr, Nb and the rare-earth elements relative to typical mid-ocean ridge basalt (MORB), indicating that the mantle wedge source has undergone a previous episode of melting. Ratios between these elements...
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