Age and clay mineralogy on sediment core GeoTü SL112 from the Mediterranean Sea, supplement to: Hamann, Yvonne; Ehrmann, Werner; Schmiedl, Gerhard; Kuhnt, Tanja (2009): Modern and late Quaternary clay mineral distribution in the area of the SE Mediterranean Sea. Quaternary Research, 71(3), 453-464

Yvonne Hamann, Werner Ehrmann, Gerhard Schmiedl & Tanja Kuhnt
The present-day clay mineral distribution in the southeastern Levantine Sea and its borderlands reveals a complex pattern of different sources and distribution paths. Smectite dominates the suspended load of the Nile River and of rivers in the Near East. Illite sources are dust-bearing winds from the Sahara and southwestern Europe. Kaolinite is prevalent in rivers of the Sinai, in Egyptian wadis, and in Saharan dust. A high-resolution sediment core from the southeastern Levantine Sea spanning...
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