Nitrogen isotope ratios of Cretaceous Atlantic sedimentary sequences, supplement to: Rau, Greg H; Arthur, Michael A; Dean, Walter E (1987): 15N/14N variations in Cretaceous Atlantic sedimentary sequences: implication for past changes in marine nitrogen biogeochemistry. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 82(3-4), 269-279

Greg H Rau, Michael A Arthur & Walter E Dean
At two locations in the Atlantic Ocean (DSDP Sites 367 and 530) early to middle Cretaceous organic-carbon-rich beds (black shales) were found to have significantly lower delta15N values (lower 15N/14N ratios) than adjacent organic-carbon-poor beds (white limestones or green claystones). While these lithologies are of marine origin, the black strata in particular have delta15N values that are significantly lower than those previously found in the marine sediment record and most contemporary marine nitrogen pools. In...
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