Chemical and isotopical analsyes of DSDP Hole 34-321 basalts, supplement to: Seyfried, W E; Shanks, Wayne C; Dibble, W E (1978): Clay mineral formation in DSDP Leg 34 basalt. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 41(3), 265-276

W E Seyfried, Wayne C Shanks & W E Dibble
A blue-green smectite (iron-rich saponite) and green mica (celadonite) are the dominant sheet silicates in veins within the 10.5 m of basalt cored during DSDP Leg 34, Site 32l, in the Nazca plate. Oxygen isotopic analyses of these clays, and associated calcite, indicate a formation temperature of <25°C.Celadonite contains appreciable Fe2O3, K2O and SiO2, intermediate MgO, and very little Al2O3. Celadonite is commonly associated with goethite and hematite, which suggests that this phase formed by...
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