Abundances of dinoflagellate cysts in sediment trap MST-9 (Appendix 1), supplement to: Wendler, Ines; Zonneveld, Karin A F; Willems, Helmut (2002): Production of calcareous dinoflagellate cysts in response to monsoon forcing off Somalia: a sediment trap study. Marine Micropaleontology, 46(1-2), 1-11

Ines Wendler, Karin A F Zonneveld & Helmut Willems
To study the ecology of calcareous dinoflagellates we examined the impact of the SW and NE monsoons on cyst formation using sediment trap material, collected at 1032 m water depth, off Somalia from June 1992 to February 1993. The results do not confirm the relationship between cyst production and lower nutrient concentrations, as highest cyst fluxes were recorded during late SW monsoon under the relatively nutrient-rich and less agitated conditions of mature upwelled water. Lowest...
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