Revised age model of DSDP Site 95-612, supplement to: Henderiks, Jorijntje; Pagani, Mark (2008): Coccolithophore cell size and the Paleogene decline in atmospheric CO2. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 269(3-4), 576-584

Jorijntje Henderiks & Mark Pagani
Alkenone-based Cenozoic records of the partial pressure of atmospheric carbon dioxide (pCO2) are founded on the carbon isotope fractionation that occurred during marine photosynthesis (epsilon [p37:2]). However, the magnitude of epsilon [p37:2] is also influenced by phytoplankton cell size - a consideration lacking in previous alkenone-based CO2 estimates. In this study, we reconstruct cell size trends in ancient alkenone-producing coccolithophores (the reticulofenestrids) to test the influence that cell size variability played in determining epsilon [p37:2]...
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