Particel size distribution and microstructures of sediments from ODP Leg 205 sites (Table 1), supplement to: Vannucchi, Paola; Leoni, Lorenzo (2007): Structural characterization of the Costa Rica decollement: Evidence for seismically-induced fluid pulsing. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 262(3-4), 413-428

Paola Vannucchi & Lorenzo Leoni
Ocean Drilling Program Legs 170 and 205 offshore Costa Rica provide structural observations which support a new model for the geometry and deformation response to the seismic cycle of the frontal sedimentary prism and decollement. The model is based on drillcore, thin section, and electron microscope observations. The decollement damage zone is a few tens of meters in width, it develops mainly within the frontal prism. A clear cm-thick fault core is observed 1.6 km...
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