Stable carbon isotope ratios and the formation of dolomite in ODP Leg 175 sites, supplement to: Moore, T S; Murray, Richard W; Kurtz, A C; Schrag, Daniel P (2004): Anaerobic methane oxidation and the formation of dolomite. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 229(1-2), 141-154

T S Moore, Richard W Murray, A C Kurtz & Daniel P Schrag
We examine the link between organic matter degradation, anaerobic methane oxidation (AMO), and sulfate depletion and explore how these processes potentially influence dolomitization. We determined rates and depths of AMO and dolomite formation for a variety of organic-rich sites along the west African Margin using data from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 175. Rates of AMO are calculated from the diffusive fluxes of CH4 and SO4, and rates of dolomite formation are calculated from the...
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