Age determination of the lower oceanic crust at ODP Hole 176-735B, supplement to: John, Barbara E; Foster, David A; Murphy, John M; Cheadle, Michael J; Baines, A Graham; Fanning, C Mark; Copeland, Peter (2004): Determining the cooling history of in situ lower oceanic crust-Atlantis Bank, SW Indian Ridge. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 222(1), 145-160

Barbara E John, David A Foster, John M Murphy, Michael J Cheadle, A Graham Baines, C Mark Fanning & Peter Copeland
The cooling history and therefore thermal structure of oceanic lithosphere in slow-spreading environments is, to date, poorly constrained. Application of thermochronometric techniques to rocks from the very slow spreading SW Indian Ridge provide for the first time a direct measure of the age and thermal history of in situ lower oceanic crust. Crystallization of felsic veins (~850°C) drilled in Hole 735B is estimated at 11.93F0.14 Ma, based on U-Pb analyses of zircon by ion probe....
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