Age model and color measurements of sediment cores from the eastern equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Weber, Michael E; Pisias, Nicklas G (1999): Spatial and temporal distribution of biogenic carbonate and opal in deep-sea sediments from the eastern equatorial Pacific: implications for ocean history since 1.3 Ma. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 174(1-2), 59-73

Michael E Weber & Nicklas G Pisias
High-resolution records of glacial-interglacial variations in biogenic carbonate, opal, and detritus (derived from non-destructive core log measurements of density, P-wave velocity and color; r >= 0.9) from 15 sediment sites in the eastern equatorial (sampling resolution is ~1 kyr) clear response to eccentricity and precession forcing. For the Peru Basin, we generate a high-resolution (21 kyr increment) orbitally-based chronology for the last 1.3 Ma. Spectral analysis indicates that the 100 kyr cycle became dominant at...
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