Organic matter and trace element concentrations in sapropels from ODP Leg 160 sites, supplement to: Nijenhuis, Ivar A; Bosch, Hendrik-Jan; Sinninghe Damsté, Jaap S; Brumsack, Hans-Jürgen; de Lange, Gert Jan (1999): Organic matter and trace element rich sapropels and black shales: a geochemical comparison. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 169(3-4), 227-290

Ivar A Nijenhuis, Hendrik-Jan Bosch, Jaap S Sinninghe Damsté, Hans-Jürgen Brumsack & Gert Jan de Lange
A distinct Pliocene eastern Mediterranean sapropel (i-282), recovered from three Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 160 Sites, has been investigated for its organic and inorganic composition. This sapropel is characterized by high organic carbon (Corg) and trace element contents, and the presence of isorenieratene derivatives. The latter suggests that the base of the photic zone was sulphidic during formation of the sapropel. Combined with evidence of bottom water anoxia (preservation of laminae, high redox-sensitive trace...
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