Uranium chemistry of oceanic basalts, supplement to: MacDougall, J Douglas; Finkel, R C; Carlson, J; Krishnaswami, Seth (1979): Isotopic evidence for uranium exchange during low-temperature alteration of oceanic basalt. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 42(1), 27-34

J Douglas MacDougall, R C Finkel, J Carlson & Seth Krishnaswami
Measurements of uranium concentration and the 234U/238 U activity ratio in oceanic basalts which have undergone low-temperature seafloor alteration indicate that uranium uptake is a pervasive occurrence but that the various phases involved behave differently with respect to this process. Palagonite exhibits uranium contents 8-20 times higher than unaltered glass coupled with low 234U/238U, suggesting ongoing preferential leaching of 234U. Altered crystalline interiors of several old basalts have 234U/238U > 1, indicative of recent uranium...
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