Geochemistry of altered smectites, supplement to: Desprairies, Alain; Bonnot-Courtois, Chantal (1980): Relation entre la composition des smectites d'alteration sous-marine et leur cortege de terres rares. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 48(1), 124-130

Alain Desprairies & Chantal Bonnot-Courtois
In basalts and volcanogenic sediments from the Indian Ocean, the successive stages of submarine alteration of volcanic rocks and glasses give rise to the incorporation or the relative increase of iron in smectite lattices. During the first stage, the Mg-smectites are the most abundant; they are occasionally associated with Al-smectites. Afterwards, they are gradually replaced by iron-rich smectites. The REE distribution follows the same trend as the mineralogical changes. During the f'trst stage of alteration,...
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