Nd and Sr isotopic composition of Cretaceous MORB, supplement to: Jahn, Bor-Ming; Bernard-Griffiths, J; Charlot, R; Cornichet, J; Vidal, F (1980): Nd and Sr isotope compositions and REE abundances of Cretaceous MORB (Holes 417D and 418A, Legs 51,52 and 53). Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 48(1), 171-184

Bor-Ming Jahn, J Bernard-Griffiths, R Charlot, J Cornichet & F Vidal
Chemical and isotopic (Nd and Sr) compositions have been determined for 12 Cretaceous basaltic samples (108 Ma old) from Holes 417D and 418A of Legs 51,52 and 53. We have found that: (1) The chemical compositions are typical of MORB. They do not vary systematically with the stratigraphic positions of the analyzed samples; thus, the chemical evolution is independent of the eruption sequence that occurred at this Cretaceous ridge. (2) REE patterns for all rocks...
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