Geochemical data and mineralogical properties of bulk sediment composition of ODP Hole 195-1202B, supplement to: Diekmann, Bernhard; Hofmann, Jana; Henrich, Rüdiger; Fütterer, Dieter K; Röhl, Ursula; Wei, Kuo-Yen (2008): Detrital sediment supply in the southern Okinawa Trough and its relation to sea-level and Kuroshio dynamics during the late Quaternary. Marine Geology, 255(1-2), 83-95

Bernhard Diekmann, Jana Hofmann, Rüdiger Henrich, Dieter K Fütterer, Ursula Röhl & Kuo-Yen Wei
During Leg 195 of the Ocean Drilling Program, Site 1202 was drilled in the subtropical northwestern Pacific Ocean beneath the Kuroshio (Black Current) between northern Taiwan and the Ryukyu Island Arc on the northern flank of the I-Lan Ridge at 1274 m water depth. The upper 110 m of the Site 1202 section, composed of dark grey calcareous silty clay, provide an expanded record of environmental changes during the last 28 kyr. The sediments were...
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