Major and rare earth element concentrations of basalts beneath ODP Hole 118-735B (Table 3), supplement to: Muller, M R; Robinson, C J; Minshull, Tim A; White, R S; Bickle, Michael J (1997): Thin crust beneath ocean drilling program borehole 735B at the Southwest Indian Ridge? Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 148(1-2), 93-107

M R Muller, C J Robinson, Tim A Minshull, R S White & Michael J Bickle
A wide-angle seismic experiment at the Atlantis II Fracture Zone, Southwest Indian Ridge, together with geochemical analyses of dredged basalt glass samples from a site conjugate to Ocean Drilling Program hole 735B has allowed determination of the thickness and the most likely lithological composition of the crust beneath hole 735B. The measured Na, composition of 3.3 +/- 0.1 corresponds to a melt thickness of 3 +/- 1 km, a result consistent with rare earth element...
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