Age model of ODP Site 162-983, supplement to: Channell, James E T; Hodell, David A; Lehman, Benoît (1997): Relative geomagnetic paleointensity and d18O at ODP Site 983 (Gardar Drift, North Atlantic) since 350 ka. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 153(1-2), 103-118

James E T Channell, David A Hodell & Benoît Lehman
At ODP Site 983, relative geomagnetic paleointensity and planktic and benthic delta18O records have been acquired for the last 350 kyr. The mean sedimentation rate in this interval is 11.3 cm/kyr. Magnetic properties and hysteresis ratios indicate that pseudo-single domain magnetite is the remanence carrier. Volume susceptibility (kappa), anhysteretic (ARM) and isothermal (IRM) remanence values vary by a factor of 3-4, well within the criteria usually cited for paleointensity studies. Natural remanent magnetization (NRM) is...
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