Trace element abundance, and Sr and Nd isotope ratios of dust samples in the Pacific Ocean (Table 2), supplement to: Nakai, Shunichi; Halliday, Alex N; Rea, David K (1993): Provenance of dust in the Pacific Ocean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 119(1-2), 143-157

Shunichi Nakai, Alex N Halliday & David K Rea
Eolian dust preserved in deep-sea sediment cores provides a valuable indicator of past atmospheric circulation and continental paleoclimate. In order to identify the provenance of eolian dust, Nd and Sr isotopic compositions and Rb, Sr and rare earth element (REE) concentrations have been determined for the silicate fractions of deep-sea sediments from the north and central Pacific Ocean. Different regions of the Pacific Ocean are characterized by distinct air-borne inputs, producing a large range in...
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