Radiogenic Hf isotopic composition of continental eolian dust in Pacific Ocean sediments, supplement to: Pettke, Thomas; Lee, Der-Chuen; Halliday, Alex N; Rea, David K (2002): Radiogenic Hf isotopic compositions of continental eolian dust from Asia, its variability and its implications for seawater Hf. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 202(2), 253-464

Thomas Pettke, Der-Chuen Lee, Alex N Halliday & David K Rea
The inorganic silicate fraction extracted from bulk pelagic sediments from the North Pacific Ocean is eolian dust. It monitors the composition of continental crust exposed to erosion in Asia. 176Lu/177Hf ratios of modern dust are subchondritic between 0.011 and 0.016 but slightly elevated with respect to immature sediments. Modern dust samples display a large range in Hf isotopic composition (IC), -4.70 < epsilon-Hf < +16.45, which encompasses that observed for the time series of DSDP...
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